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a submission for zine jam: hobbies edition!

i love making glitch art and i wanted to share a couple of my favorite ways of making it. hope you enjoy it!

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Coooool! Love the Audacity method!


Creative methods that make me reevaluate the relationship between signal processing and art from another perspective. Thanks. :)

You're quite welcome - thank you for checking out the zine! Something noise can be a good thing ;)

I am very interested in this type of art, and I tried the methods listed, but unfortunately, my OS (Windows 10) wouldn't let me open the resulting images. Do you know any way around this?

Unfortunately, that can happen from time to time. First, check to make sure you haven't changed the header of the file in audacity - that's usually the cause of this kind of issue. An easy(ish) way around this is to open the image in Photos and take a screenshot, but you'll probably lose some fidelity this way. If anybody else has other suggestions, please reply!


Wow, this is a great zine ! 

I've wondered myself how to make quick yet satisfying glitch art, and wow you suggest great ideas !! Didn't know about the audacity method, it really feels like you're hijacking some convention or something, and in the end your examples look just awesome !

Thanks for this zine :D

Thanks so much for reading it!


This is great! I've unknowingly dabbled in glitch art using the ios app: 1998 cam - Vintage Camera, but this is a whole new world of art! Thank you!


Woa, I love it! Thank you for sharing it! I'm gonna try jpg-glitch. Looks interesting.

Have you tried Glitch! 4 Android? It's very good app. I also use Gimp and G'mic. This plugin has a lot of features useful for glitch art (ultrawarp, pixelsort, and so...) You can see the result in my submission to the Zine Jam.

Good job and looking forward for more! :)

I hadn't gotten around to commenting on your zine, i really loved it! unfortunately, if any of those are for android i'm unfamiliar with them, as I've only really used iphone. I haven't messed with gimp much but I'll definitely look into that plugin! thanks for your comments and suggestions, i really appreciate it :)


thank you for this ziny gem !
The graphics are stunning.
And the idea to use Audacity, that's just incredible (I'm both using Notepad++ and Audacity frequently ^^), I'm definitely going to try it ! :)


Thanks for reading it! I appreciate the kind words :) Give it a shot, I'd love to know how it turns out!

woah I shared the idea with friends (one is a musician and both are electronics engineers) and we all collectively stumbled into a rabbit hole of glitching... it's like discovering a thing you didn't know existed, excellent fun !! thank you 🙏
If I have the motivation, I definitely need to write a little something about it 🤩